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It’s good sometimes to go back to basics in life.

It's good to regularly ask what we’re doing and why, what really matters, what sort of life we want to live and what sort of people we want to be. A kind of life audit.

That’s especially true in the Christian life and the life of the church, and that’s what we’ll be doing in the months of June and July. The ‘Basics @ The Bridge’ series will cover five topics that are core to who we are and what we do as the family of God. 

We could’ve added more topics to the list, but we’re going with these five leading up to the summer holidays and we’ll be applying them to our life as the Bridge Church family. Come and do a life audit with us!

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Matt Bownds

Matt Bownds, 06/06/2019


Book Review: Connected by Sam Alberry 

Connected AlberryBeginning to understand Trinity is one thing; what to do with it is another thing altogether! Is it only me who, at times, finds relating to a God who is - by nature- relational so mind-bendingly confusing? What does that mean? And how does it affect in my life?

I found Connected by Sam Alberry very helpful. Not only because the first section is devoted to explaining how God is one and that God is three persons existing in overflowing love from eternity but also because the second section deals very well with how to live with it. Alberry does this by exploring and explaining the Bible in a helpful, easy-to-understand way. 

When you read Connected, you'll see how all of Trinity is intrinsically involved in our salvation, with us when we pray and gives us a pattern for how we live in the Church and with each other. 

It turns out that wrestling with this rich truth isn't so much a chore as it is a joy; well-worth-it effort that shows us more and more beauty and depth in who God is and how knowing him affects every corner of our lives.

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Steff Elis  

Steff Elis, 19/05/2019


Independence Sunday 


Many parents and children know the sweet-yet-sad reality of a child growing up to become independent. Pastor Matt reflects on Sunday 6th January 2019, a slightly sad, but very sweet, day. 

Back in January 2012 the Highfields ‘parent’ congregation established the Highfields Pontprennau ‘daughter’ congregation, and after a process of prayer and deliberation over the last couple of years, it was agreed that the Pontprennau church family had become autonomous enough to step out on its own. 

indep morning

But independence doesn’t mean isolation, which is why it was so lovely, after our first morning worship as an independent fellowship, to join on the Sunday evening with our brothers and sisters in the Highfields congregation for our commissioning service. 

indep evening

To sing together, pray together, sit under God’s word together and take communion together was a particularly special blessing and a wonderful testament to God’s faithfulness to both Highfields Church and The Bridge Church. We will always be grateful to God for leading the people of Highfields to plant a church in this part of the city, and we look forward to his future grace and faithfulness and to all he will do through us all, in Cathays, Pontprennau, Cardiff, Wales and the world. 1 Samuel 7:12 – Thus far the LORD has helped us.

Matt Bownds
Matt Bownds, 11/01/2019


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